Finding your Way
All Saints Anglican Church of Traverse City
Last update: March 18, 2018
    Our weekly Worship Services take place at the historic Temple Beth El in Traverse City.  For visitors, this can be hard to find because the Temple is not directly visible from Washington Street. 

The Temple is located behind the Court House on Washington Street (see below) and next to the Boardman River. 

    Temple Beth El can be accessed by Beth El Way.  Both Mapquest and Google Maps seem to have trouble locating Temple Beth El.  But you may find a good map by searching Google Maps for "Congregation Beth El, 311 Park Street, Traverse City, MI.  

The Temple can also be reached using the driveway between the First Baptist Church and the Court House.  There is plenty of parking behind the Court House, especially on Sunday mornings when  government offices are closed.

The picture below shows the Court House, looking west on Washington St.  To find Temple Beth El, turn left (south) to find the building shown on our Home Page.

At all times we welcome you to join us for Worship and Fellowship.