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All Saints Anglican Church of Traverse City
Last update: January 1, 2017
Cross and Candle Holders
Chalice and Paten
Recent Gifts to the Parish
All Saints Anglican Church was invited to participate in the Friday evening, January 8 Shabbat Service at Temple Beth-El.  Rabbi Albert Lewis and Fr Kurt Henle had a Dialog during the time set apart for the sermon (D'var Torah).  Rabbi Al and Fr Kurt recounted how their studies had led them into Ministry and how God has revealed Himself in their lives.  Questions from the congregations rounded out the dialog and the Service was followed by a time of refreshment and fellowship.
The latest gift to All Saints Anglican Church, received and blessed on March 7, 2010, was a set of veils and burses in the major liturgical colors, shown below.   In January Mariners' Church of Detroit donated 25 well preserved copies of the 1940 Hymnals.  All of these gifts are most welcome for our weekly worship.  We give thanks to God for Mariners' Church and His continuing bounty and blessings.
Veils and Burses,
Other News
In the News - the Record-Eagle
The Traverse City Record-Eagle posted the title "Anglicans, Jews share space.  A 'portable cathedral' makes sure there's music" in the religion pages of its Saturday, March 27 edition, the day before Palm Sunday.   Jodee Taylor quoted Rabbi Al Lewis and Fr Kurt Henle as they tell of their delight in sharing the space of historic Temple Beth-El. 
The link to the story is:
All Saints Anglican Church co-sponsored the 2010 Traverse City Ecumenical Thanksgiving Service on Monday evening, November 22, 2010, at 7 PM.  The annual event was held this year at Central Methodist Church with Rabbi Albert Lewis (Congregation Beth-El) offering the Thanksgiving message and the final blessing.  Other participating clergy included the Rev. Dale Ostema and Rev. Chris Lane from Central Methodist Church, the Rev. Jane Lippert from Traverse Bay Methodist Church, the Rev. Kurt Henle from All Saints Anglican Church, the Rev. Becky Chamberlain from the Presbyterian Church, and Sister Katherine Murphy from St Francis Roman Catholic Church. 

Music was provided by a Community Choir under the direction of James Seidel, accompanied by Margaret Hollyday, both from the Presbyterian Church, with the John Rutter anthem "For the beauty of the earth".  Thomas Bara, organist at Central Methodist, accompanied the hymns and the clarinet prelude, played by his wife Anne.  The Service was followed by a time of refreshment and fellowship.
Ecumenical Thanksgiving Service
Easter Sunday 2010
A glorious Resurrection Worship Service was completed with a lunch in the undercroft, prepared by the ladies of the Church.   Many thanks to all who participated and worked to make this possible.
Second Annual Parish Meeting 2011
On Sunday January 16, All Saints Anglican Church celebrated its second birthday with its Annual Meeting right after the morning worship service.  The celebration included a lunch, fellowship, and distribution of the written Annual Report.
The Summary of the Law
The Bishop's Sermon on Joshua, chpt. 3
Episcopal Visit:

Our Bishop David "Doc" Loomis was in Traverse City for his annual visit and
for as Service of  Confirmation and Affirmation of Faith on Sunday, August 7th
The morning Worship Service was followed by a Parish Luncheon at Mabel's Restaurant. 
It was a blessed day all around: Thanks be to God.
The newly Confirmed, together with those who publically affirmed their faith with a blessing from 
Bishop "Doc" Loomis, in the company of Fr. Kurt and Jo-Ann Henle.
The pictures below were taken during the Confirmation luncheon. 
Teaching Series: Genesis

On December 12, 2011, we concluded a 5-week Monday evening teaching series that began on November 7.  This was a study of the beginning chapters of the book of Genesis, exploring the relationship between science and theology and addressing current questions about the Bible in the light of science.  Altogether, we confirmed St Augustine's proposition that God is the source of all truth.